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About us

There are 4 main focus points for Matcon Formwork and they are



We won’t sign off on anything we feel isn’t up to our quality standards.

On Time

We are on time, every time. We take your time seriously.


Fully insured, we take our safety, and yours, seriously.

On Budget

We make sure we account for everything and stay on budget.

Our Services

Matcon Formwork provides a wide range of formwork solutions for all types of concrete structures such as apartment buildings, offices and commercial factories. Using a combination of innovative and conventional methods we specialize in all areas of formwork such as forming off concrete slabs on ground, suspended slabs for multiple levelled structures, insitu walls and columns and also stairs.

In addition to the formwork service, Matcon Formwork also offer a high quality precast installation service with a highly experienced crew delivery a quality product from start to finish including grouting, caulking, patching and welding.

Our Philosophy

Matcon Formwork prides itself on been an industry leading company by consistently delivering the highest of quality formwork through efficient management of experienced workers using cost effective methods. Whilst reliability and productivity are critical elements of our company for both us and our clients, safety is the highest of priorities for the ever growing construction industry and with over 15 years experience we are expertise in this area of the business.

We plan to expand the business by creating an inviting workplace for our employees and developing professional and profitable relationship with our clients allowing us to improve efficiency and continually improve and grow our business.

Qualifications and Skills of Owner

Matt Smith:

As a Director of Matcon Formwork I have over 18 years experience in many different areas of the construction industry from carpentry to project management to estimating. Through hard work and dedication I worked my way up from apprentice carpenter to become qualified then onto leading hand in a formwork company. Following this I worked up to site foreman and then Construction manager of the same formwork company with over 200 men working for me simultaneously over 5-7 sites in just the short time frame of 5 years from starting as an apprentice.

Since then over the past 10 years I have been in construction manager roles and I have become highly qualified in the areas of construction management, project management, budgeting and importantly quality control.

Whilst supervising multiple projects is a skill I have acquired it’s the attention to detail and knowing every component of the job and managing the people to complete these tasks is my strongest asset to this company. I love working with people and developing relationships with clients and suppliers through clear and precise communication and productively working through all situations that arise.

Through this experience I have gathered knowledge and experience in estimating, budgeting and contract management which are the areas of the business I will be managing along with site management and quality control.

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